Specific requirements in the Business and Administration skill area

This article describes specific requirements that may apply to industry placements in this skill area.

When you get to the detailed preparations for industry placements, you should consider which requirements apply to you, with the college, school or other type of provider you are working with. You should talk to them about any specific compliance obligations on your business.


If students will be interacting with the public using live chat or social media, you must supervise them closely and make sure they are aware of any risks. You can find more information in the Safeguarding section of the legal compliance article.


If you host a student with special educational needs or disabilities in a business or administration placement you may need to make reasonable adjustments to ensure your technology is useable by people with, for example, impaired vision, motor difficulties, cognitive impairments or learning disabilities, deafness or impaired hearing.

You should discuss and arrange reasonable adjustments with the college or school, and student before the industry placement commences.

Confidentiality and data protection

If your organisation handles highly sensitive financial and personal information, you may need to ensure that students have had thorough training and have signed appropriate confidentiality agreements. While not legally binding, it could give you peace of mind and affirm to the student how important confidentiality is to your business.

This statement could cover:

  • maintaining strict secrecy in respect of the business affairs of your organisation and clients
  • not revealing confidential information about systems and programme design
  • not using data for personal gain
  • using computer equipment and accessing the internet only when authorised and only for official business
  • your data protection procedures as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the consequences of any breach

Alternatively, you may decide to find non-confidential tasks and projects for them to complete.

Organisation specific

You may need to deliver training to students so that they understand and comply with any industry specific requirements, for example training on money laundering in the finance sector or gift policies in the public sector etc.

The legal compliance article gives you more general information about your main responsibilities and provides links to detailed guidance and resources.

The content in this resource is for information only and does not constitute advice. Suggestions or considerations are offered for you to take into account. It’s your responsibility, supported by your college or school, to comply with any legal duties that you might have.

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