Specific requirements in the Legal, Finance and Accounting skill area

This article describes specific requirements that may apply to industry placements in this skill area.

When you get to the detailed preparations for industry placements, you should consider which requirements apply to you, with the college, school or other type of provider you are working with. You should talk to them about any specific compliance obligations on your business.

Safeguarding in areas where confidentiality is key

There may be situations where your placement students are interacting with the public using live chat or social media. You must supervise them closely and make sure they are aware of any risks.

You will need to understand student safeguarding, especially given that a high proportion of placement students could be under 18.


If you host a student with special educational needs or disabilities in legal, finance or accounting placement, you may need to make reasonable adjustments so that the student has access to the same tasks as their peers.

Relevant information about a student’s disability and needs should be shared with you by the college or school, with the student’s consent. You should discuss them and make any necessary arrangements before the industry placement commences, with the support of the college or school.

Confidentiality agreements

As a legal or financial organisation, it is likely your day-to-day activities require dealing with confidential, highly sensitive, financial or personal details. This will be business as usual for you, but students may need additional briefings to understand their responsibilities. You will want to ensure that they have proper training and understand any client confidentiality agreements. Or you may decide to find non-confidential workloads for them.

You could draw up a confidentiality statement for the student to sign. While such an agreement is not legally binding for a person who is under 18, it could give you peace of mind and affirm to the student how important confidentiality is to your business.

Data security

It is important for placement students to understand the risks and implications of managing sensitive data, password security, and access to facilities, in the same way as it is for all your staff. They need to understand your data protection procedures as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the consequences of any breach.

In some regulated industries, such as financial services, mandatory training, verification and compliance testing may be needed. There may also be a requirement for vetting. If a placement student does not have a passport or a bank account, the college or school could support with proof of identity documentation.

The legal compliance article gives you more information about your main responsibilities and provides links to detailed guidance and resources.

The content in this article is for information only and does not constitute advice. Suggestions or considerations are offered for you to take into account. It’s your responsibility, supported by your college or school, to comply with any legal duties that you might have.

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